National Company Law Tribunal Bar Association
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Member's Corner


Membership Form – PDF
Car Stricker Form – PDF
Rules and Regulations – PDF

The following professional can be admitted as the member of the NCLTBA:

  1. Advocate enrolled with the Bar Council.
  2. Member of the Institute of the Company Secretaries of India.
  3. Member of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India.
  4. Member of the Institute of the Cost Accountants of India.

Any of the above professionals desirous of enrolling with the NCLTBA shall fulfil the eligibility criteria for membership as below:

  1. No insolvency proceedings should be pending against them, nor should they have been adjudged insolvent;
  2. No investigation or charge-sheet should be pending for any offence involving moral turpitude;
  3. They should not have been convicted for contempt by any Court;
  4. They should had not been found guilty for any Professional Misconduct by a Disciplinary Committee of their respective Professional/ Statutory Institution;
  5. Their Certificate of Enrolment and/ or Practice should not have been suspended by their respective Professional/ Statutory Institution.
  6. They should not be in arrears of any amount as prescribed in the Rules and/ or Resolution of the Executive Committee.
  7. No other proceeding is pending which in the opinion of the Executive Committee is detrimental to the interest of the NCLTBA and/ or professional fraternity.

Admission and Subscription fee is as below

  • Admission fee – Rs. 2,500/-
  • Subscription fee – Rs. 1,200/- (to be paid annually)
  • Life-Long Membership – Rs. 25,000/- (one-time payment) – open only on the discretion on the executive committee.
  • Car Sticker – Rs. 50/-